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Come and see us at Kingsland International festival saturday 25 march from 11-3 pm

Come and see us at Kingsland International festival saturday 25 march from 11-3 pm




Local artists displaying their art.

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Mette is originally from Denmark.

I love to paint and therefore it is a big part of my life.

My inspiration comes from everywhere, for example, from the colores in nature, events in my life, or it could be from the shapes and forms around me.

Every painting is a reflection of me and how I feel that day

or the specific time where the painting came to life.



I believe that at a core level, we all want to express and feel unconditional love. When I create, I feel a deep emotional bond with the subject I’m painting. Throughout my creative process, there is a sense of passion and spiritual connection. My desire is for this to translate from my work into beauty and radiance within the viewer’s space, as well as connect with them at a higher level and bring in the experience of love and peace. I hope that both through my artwork and leading by example, I am able to encourage people to follow their dreams and spread love



Is Originally from Canada, Nancy has been in the Katy area since 2008 and it quickly became a wonderful place to call home. Nancy began painting abstracts using fluid acrylics on canvas in 2017 after having painted in other styles for many years. Nancy finds so much joy in this creative process, exploring different techniques, applications, and color combinations. Creating an emotional connection between the viewer and the piece is a goal of all her creations. Motion, movement, power, water, flowers and more can all be seen throughout her artwork. While she loves to create pieces just for the thrill of the creative process, Nancy also finds great satisfaction in creating custom pieces for her clients in the palettes and emotions of their dreams too. Working on canvas sizes ranging from 8”x8” through 60”x40” and larger, she would love to create a beautiful piece just for you too.



Born and Raised in Scotland, Hailey-ann always had a passion for landscapes and beautiful sunsets. This can be seen in her paintings and photography. She loves playing with color, light and shadow. Hailey-ann is currently an art teacher, graphic designer and photographer living in Brookshire. She teaches high school graphic design, digital art, and photography in Katy Isd where she shares her passion with her students every day.